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The characteristics of wood buttons and market development potential

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Wood buttons, bamboo buttons are all plant-like stem made of buttons. In the international market, the number of such buttons a lot. Especially in recent years, with the pursuit of environmental quality of the green, the demand for such plant buttons has increased, including Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the gradual increase in consumption. Product structure to wood-based buttons. People choose the motive of wood buttons, first of all from the long-term use of synthetic plastics boredom. Many people think that "natural" materials must be non-toxic, beneficial to human health, and wood buttons are to meet the people of this psychological.
      Wooden buttons with natural wood texture, very simple, natural, coupled with its appearance is relatively rough, and plastic buttons high gloss sense of a sharp contrast. So this kind of buttons and linen fabrics, or plain casual clothing is matched, and at the same time to meet some people unconventional, unconventional aesthetic habits. The main component of wood buttons is lignin, strong resistance to organic solvents, durable dry cleaning agent, dry cleaning with clothing. The fatal drawback of wood buttons is its water absorption. As the wood fiber is very absorbent, once the wet weather, or put it into the water, it will soon absorb water, swelling, when again after drying may crack, deformation, or become rough, easy to hook clothes fiber. In order to overcome the shortcomings of wood buttons, selection should be careful to choose the wood dense, long growing season, old age of wood or parts. After the button is polished, the surface is treated with high quality varnish, and all the pores are sealed. After this treatment of the buttons can avoid easy to water problems.

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