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Button Story

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Button is the first ornament of clothing. Some people say: buttons are clothing eyes, clothes on the pearl. The same time as the above-
The fashionable period is long and long, ancient times clothes more lace; Ming and Qing Dynasties are mostly tripping, foreign part of the copper buckle; Republic of the early copper, iron cast pimple buckle, four buckle, with the button also Have seen the city. After the liberation of bakelite buckle, copper riveting buckle-based, with the reform and opening up, light industrial products came into being organic buckle, glass deduction, resin buckle, electric deduction, alloy buckle, cloth buckle and bamboo, bone , Wooden deduction, chemical materials, such as deduction buttons have been listed. Thousands of varieties, a wide variety of technology, the market throughout the world. Buttons in the clothing manufacturing occupies a pivotal position. But the button is small, everyone needs, but in terms of physical health, the advantages and disadvantages of the buttons no conclusion.
In recent years, the advent of gem buttons, not only increased the new button, but also the formation of a new concept of health care. Gemstone contains stone material and a variety of trace elements, long-term use beneficial to human body and mind health. It is beneficial to the human body harmless, is any substance can not be replaced. Gemstone button precision, electronic exploration for the Mohs hardness 7, buckle light can Kam people. Colorful buckle, to meet the people to return to the pursuit of nature, but also to adapt to the rapid development of the garment industry replacement trend. Gem buttons in the clothing sales at home and abroad, can play a "finishing touch" magical, giving a spirit of inspiration.
Do a set of elegant fashion, with a pair of gem buttons, for the beautification of life added a strange light, really is "icing on the cake." Gem buttons of the light effect, the shadow of a variety of micro-pictures, have to see the beauty of the earth, that unspeakable poetic, its culture and art can improve the clothing grade and personal value, its broad prospects for development, the market rate of return forever!

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